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How to Clean Smartphone Camera Lens: An Easy Guideline For All

Smartphones come up with updated feathers and modern technology to deliver value to their customers at an affordable price to take competitive advantage from the market. The companies are continuously changing their strategy to build their brand and trying to create an environment for sustainable business.

Nowadays one of the most crucial and essential elements of a smartphone is the Camera.

Yes! Now most of us are moving with a camera having great features with HD Image Quality.

You will find the best camera smartphone in many online and offline platforms at an affordable price.

As we all use our smartphones for regular purposes, somehow we don’t care about the camera of our smartphones.

Unless or until we face difficulties we do not care about our smartphone as well as the camera.

Most people are confused because they are not aware of how to clean smartphone camera lenses.

This guide will be an easy and in-depth guide to keep your smartphone camera lens looking all shiny and pristine.

How to Clean Your Smartphone Camera Lens

Cleaning a smartphone camera lens is a pretty and simple task. All you need to do is make sure you clean the camera lense gently. There are some factors you have to consider while cleaning the smartphone camera.

Here is the procedure placed in front of you .

How to Clean Without Lens Cleaner

Step 1 – Take a microfiber cloth

Microfiber is the best cloth for cleaning the camera lense. High quality microfiber cloths ensure the best cleaning performance.

Step 2 – Breath on the camera lenses

The next step is to breathe onto the camera lenses lightly. This will create a small film of moisture. It helps to ease cleaning procedures.

Step 3 – Clean in a circular motion with the microfiber cloth

Then take your microfiber cloth and clean the lenses in a circular motion. This will help get rid of all the dust that is on there. While you are at it, don’t miss out on the flash area as well.

How to Clean the Lense with a Lens Cleaner`

Those who want to have a deeper cleaning, they can use a lens cleaner. If your lens has something stuck on the lens, just a microfiber cloth may not work. That’s why a lens cleaner came up with the best solution. It will get rid of that stubborn dirt and grime without much worry.

Step 1 – Get a microfiber cloth

It is the same step as before. You also need a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.

Step 2 – Apply only a few drops of the lens cleaner on the cloth

You need to make sure that you don’t need to put drops of the lens cleaner on the cloth. Putting it on the lenses themselves might cause them to get everywhere.

Pro Tip: Please try to avoid ammonia-based lens cleaner. It might be dangerous for your lenses. Because These lens cleaners are mostly prepared for glasses and not camera lenses. As the lens cleaner is so sensitive, you have to buy specific lens cleaners for the camera. It is safe for your smartphone.

Step 3 – Wipe with your cloth in a circular fashion

With a few drops of the cleaner on the microfiber cloth, wipe the lenses clean by wiping them down in a circular motion. That’s pretty much it.

If The Lenses Get Dirty From Inside

It’s a nightmare most smartphone users have is something going inside the camera system. That can be really hard to clean. You do not have any speck of dirt or dust inside your lenses.

Honestly, if this happens, you should go to the expert technicians. When dust gets inside the lenses, you will need to disassemble your phone. And a qualified technician can make sure nothing goes wrong.

Keep all the things working by handing your phone out to a professional. You get a clean lens and a working phone. If you try to take your phone apart yourself, you may even break it.


Things You Should Never Do with Your Smartphone Camera Lens

There are actually only a few things to keep in mind.

Always Remove Large Debris First

Before cleaning with a microfiber cloth (whether you use a lens cleaner or not), make sure to remove large debris.

When you go in to wipe with a cloth, the debris can end up scratching your lens. That’s a bad day. So, make sure to always blow out or remove large debris from your camera lens.

Only Use Microfiber Cloths

Avoid using things like tissue paper or toilet paper. A microfiber cloth is the best. They do not shed and will never scratch the lenses by themselves. Tissue can tear apart, creating a mess.

Never Use Harmful Chemicals and Soap

Another big step to avoid is never to use soaps or other harmful chemicals. If you want to use a solution, lens cleaners are the best.

You can also use a homemade solution. Take two drops of clean water or 70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

Follow these steps, and your camera lens will not have a scratch. Keeping your lenses clean is not difficult. Here is another tip, you can apply a Q-tip that is great to reach tight spots.


When You Have To Clean Your Phone Camera Lens?

It will be best if you clean the lens before and after every photo shoot. It might be dry cleaning. You can proceed with deep cleaning every month based on dirtiness. We have to clean our mobile phone camera frequently because we use it on a daily basis.



There you go. Now you should know all about how to clean smartphone camera lenses. Keeping them nice and clean is not a hard thing to do. But you should make sure that they are protected.

For extra protection, you can install a lens protector on your camera module. There are many really good brands that make custom-fitted lens protectors. You can go for one of them to keep your camera lens safe.



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